Media buying plays an important role in marketing, especially if you’re involved in internet marketing.

With media buying, you purchase the most strategic and advantageous slots and spaces to advertise your products or services.

Media buying options range from newspaper ads to primetime television slots as well as online banner ads.

Media buying isn’t new, but it is misunderstood by many. Most new marketers cringe when they hear the term ‘media buys’. They somehow think that it involves spending millions of dollars for advertising and it’s completely out of their reach.

However, media buying isn’t all that complicated and it’s actually been around for a long time. Media buying basically amounts to purchasing banner ad space on other people’s websites. Yes, it’s really that simple.

In the past, buying media did cost a lot of money. You needed thousands of dollars just to get started, which meant that media buying was primarily intended for large companies, but out the budget range for small marketers. Things have changed and now small marketers can buy thousands of ad displays for just a few pennies.

The lessons you’ll see here will show you how to get started with media buys, how to get a jump-start with your ads, and how to become profitable quickly.

Media Buys Reverse Engineering for More Traffic