In this video, we’ll cover the process of testing your ads.

You’ll test your ads by starting small, then scale up as you achieve the desired results.

Once you have an ad that gives you a positive, worthwhile return, you can ramp things up for even more profits.

Testing Elements: Hooks, Banners & Landing Pages

There’s no question that testing is the best and the surest way to make serious money with media buys.

Think about this – Most marketers are not making money doing the ‘same things’ as the ‘super affiliates’ who are making a killing.

Both are literally promoting the same offers, using the same strategies and using the same traffic sources. So what is it that separates these two groups of marketers?

The unsuccessful marketers think they need to outsource, have fancy designs, secret plugins, or they need to study copywriting in order to craft clever banners or landing pages, or find some ‘secret traffic source’ with tons of $0.01 clicks and little to no competition.

In reality, it’s the few marketers who actually do testing and optimizing religiously day in and day out that are making the most money.

They simply get up in the morning every day and systematically test and optimize each and every one of their campaign elements, until they find that winning combination.

Take a Systematic Approach to Testing

When it comes to making a fortune marketing using paid traffic from media buys, it’s all about taking a systematic approach to the essential tasks of testing and optimizing. Nothing else.

Breakdown your campaign into individual elements, then test and optimize each.

There are a few main elements in your campaigns to test –

On the campaign level, the most important element is your angle (or hook). You should always be thinking about and coming up with a few angles ready to test.

Landing pages and banners: once you figure out what angles to test, the next thing is to craft your banners and landing pages.

As for design elements, such as layout, colors, etc., you really don’t need to worry too much about them – even if you are a design genius – until you are already profitable.

Where ever appropriate, use ‘counter-intuitiveness’ and ‘mixed messages’ to create curiosity.

For your campaign angles, you should start with two. Note though, for each angle you want to test, you need to create a different sets of banners and landing pages separately to match and support the angle. These can be very similar in design, you can use the same templates for your banners and landing page, just replace the message/copy with the angle (hook) you’ll be testing. A simple change in your angle/hook can bring in tens of thousands in just days.

For banners message and image, come up with at least 2 variations of your messages (headlines and/or body texts), but go crazy on the main image, test as many as possible. Start with at least 5, 10, even 20 images to test.

For landing pages, start with 2 variations in design. Make sure your landing page expands on the message from your banners and further heightens the visitor’s curiosity. Again, don’t try to get fancy in designs here.

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