In this lesson, you’ll learn one of the most important strategies to get the most action out of your media buying efforts and ensuring your media buying campaign’s success.

Essentially, you’ll discover how to implement the process of finding currently successful campaigns, finding out what makes them tick and then applying those same principles and tactics to your own campaigns.

Why waste your time and money trying to figure out what works when it’s already there, waiting for you?

Instead of going into a venture blind, don’t you think it would be advantageous to know what you’re doing? Wouldn’t it be better if you knew what was already working for other marketers, so you didn’t have to find out the hard way and lose a lot of money in the process?

An easy way to get ahead of the game is to look at what’s actually working. Check other marketers and see the advertising campaigns that are producing positive results.

Discover what’s working and what banners are converting. Spy on competitors to see what they’re doing. Of course, you won’t want to copy your competitor’s campaigns, just use them for inspiration. This will allow you to build a campaign that’s similar to a campaign that is already working.

Here are 3 places where you can start to gather competitive intelligence on other media buying campaigns –

With these resources, you can discover what markets people are making money in and what offers they’re promoting. You can see their exact banners, landing pages and even go through their entire sales funnels. Additionally, you can use these competitive intelligence services to research for profitable markets.

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