This lesson will teach you what you need to know in order to assure your success with solo ads.

Focus on identifying your target audience and get specific in your advertising.

Pay attention to demographics, such as age and gender to make sure you’re presenting your ad to the right type of prospects.

Solo ads enable you to target specific markets.

Before you purchase solo ads, you’ll know the demographics of the recipients. Generally, you’ll know important facts, such as gender, age group, income range, geographical location and specific interest. Make sure the source for your solo ads matches your desired target audience.

Solo ads commonly get shown in emails to a large list, on download pages, on thankyou pages, and on exit clicks.

Be cautious about where your Solo ad will show up. You probably won’t do well with the exit click Solo ads. This is an indication that the visitor has no interest and wants to leave immediately. If your Solo ad shows up on their screen, they’ll most likely hit the close button right away – they’re just trying to get out!

You’ll probably do better with the email based Solo ads. If you choose the right list, your Solo ad will be presented to people who interested in a particular topic that’s related to your business.

Let’s say that you’re in the business of selling high priced remote control drones. They have all the top features, like auto-pilot mode, gyroscopic camera mount and more – And they sell for thousands.

If your Solo ad got sent to a list of 50,000 members that are interested in ‘knitting’, you probably won’t sell many drones.

But, if your Solo ad went to upper income people who are interested in drones, you could expect a good return on your investment.

Solo ads that are displayed on thankyou pages are another good choice. Visitors to these page are usually in a good mood. They just bought something, or maybe they’re getting a free report. If your Solo ad captures their interest, they’ll click to visit your website.

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