In this video, you’ll learn what Solo Ads are and how they can help you grow your business.
Solo ads are usually sent out to another business owner’s mailing list.

The mailing list that receives your Solo ad should belong to a niche that would be interested in your product or service.

When you use Solo ads, you gain the advantage of advertising to a highly targeted list of prospects already created for you.

Solo ads are ads that you purchase from a vendor. In many cases, the vendor has a huge mailing list and for a fee, he’ll mail your offer to his list.

This type of advertising lets you precisely target your audience, since you’ll know the basic demographics of the list for your solo ads.

For example, if you’re offering camping supplies, you’d want to buy solo ads to a list of campers, hikers, survival enthusiasts and others who have expressed an interest in this subject.

In other cases, solo ads may be shown on product thankyou pages, download pages or on exit popups. Again, you’ll want to make sure the solo ads you purchase are going to the right audience for your offer.

One of the big advantages of solo ads is that you can see fast results. Rather than waiting weeks or months for free traffic methods to kick in, solo ads can bring traffic sometimes within minutes.

Solo Ads Traffic Generation Part 1