Revealed – Foolproof Method to Generate Targeted Free Traffic in 7 Days

Have you ever said anything like this to yourself about your traffic generating efforts over the past few minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months?

1. You have tried SEO on your web site, you just didn’t see any results.

For example, I used a well known site builder product, site looked great, was well

optimized, but the market I was in was way too competitive for the keywords I was trying to use, just did not understand that at the time….

2. You bought traffic books, they usually show where to get traffic, but really not how.

I have studied the traffic generating niche for way longer than I care to admit. I have purchased many traffic books and courses from gurus, all excellent resources that I do recommend, but I felt I did not understand how to actually implement the abundant information because of my experience level in the beginning.

3. Everything you try takes too much labor and time (i.e. article marketing)

I studied article marketing, with a great mentor, yet after a few months recognized that this strategy is based on sheer volume of articles. At the time it seemed more like a job, than a business, and I did not feel I could afford to outsource the actual article writing at the time.

4. Google PPC Too Expensive, others may be cheaper but not as effective

I actually had some of my better success with PPC, as far as list building, and gross affiliate revenue, but soon came to realize it was very difficult to be profitable in the markets I was targeting. I still use PPC to test markets for keyword conversion data before creating free method campaigns.

5. You have way too much info, but can’t seem to tie pieces together

My personal experiences over the past 5 years have convinced me that the biggest single problem most online marketers face is the overload of information. You actually know quite a lot about internet marketing, but really suffer from lack of focus caused by trying to learn how to tie all the pieces together to generate sufficient traffic to create profits online.

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