Review on All Networkers

Allnetworkers claims to be an advertising service that costs $29.95. You can then make a monthly residual income from the allnetworkers site, or you can use the tools available to promote your other home businesses. At this time, the tools seem to include mostly organizational items such as calendars, contacts, reports, etc.

The company pay plan is based on a 3 x 7 forced matrix and each person can earn up to $11,592/month. According to the website, allnetworkers takes the idea of duplication and automation and adds relationships to the mix. The concept allows plenty of help for allnetworkers members. The company is currently still in pre-launch and has had some technical issues that have delayed its launch.

Where is the product here, you should ask…Are they selling picks and shovels to other gold-miners?

There’s a lot of this going on today…Everyone’s looking to make their fortunes, but the real money is in selling people on how to find the gold and not telling them where the “gold” is

Recommended? After reviewing the site, I’m still not sure what the product is. They say advertising, but I don?t see any advertising links. The concept of extra support is good. The price is not out of line. It might be best to bookmark this site for now and check it again in a couple months.

I do not recommend this product because it seems like just another way to create a program out of people’s needs.

We see this often enough with network marketing companies that start based on health products, and then they end up over charging for their products just to make a program out of it.

All your advertising can be done via the search engines and the type-in traffic you get from that source. You can also try using solo ads in ezines, classified ads, Craigs list and eBay Classifieds section to get your product or program advertised.

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