Secrets of Traffic Generation – Ezine Solo Ads

This is the number two most effective method of traffic generation for me. An Ezine Solo ad is a method of traffic generation that works on the principle of using other people lists to build your own list.

First of all, let me explain what an ezine is. An ezine is an electronic publication of a magazine that is mailed out to a specific group of subscribers at a regular interval. When you placed an ad with an ezine, you get the chance to expose yourself to the list of that ezine and hope that some of them will eventually opt-in to your list.

There are numerous ezines in the market and you have to do a research on which ezines are targeted to your niche. The more targeted the ezine to your niche, the higher the number of leads you can generate from it. The number of subscribers does not necessary affect your advertisement result because sometime I get better results from a smaller subscriber list ezine than a larger subscriber list ezine.

You have to place an advertisement with an ezine and then track the conversion and eventually narrow it down to the best few ezines and then eliminate those that do not convert well. There are a few types of advertisement in an ezine but i personally recommend you to use Solos ads as your primary method of ezine advertisement.

What is a Solo ad? It is a type of ads that are sent to the entire email list of subscribers all by itself and can usually be unlimited length. Because of that, it is usually more costly, but they generally deliver more results because the ad is going out ALL BY ITSELF to the entire subscriber list.

Before you actually place an ad with an ezine, you should sign up as their subscriber and then read through their ezine to evaluate whether the content is relevant to your niche and what kind of quality is their ezine.

Once you are satisfied with the ezine contents and quality, you can place an ad with that ezine and then track the conversion of your ad.

This is one of the most effective method besides article marketing provided that you do it correctly with proper tracking and understanding.

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