Short Guide to Successful Traffic Generation in Real Estate

We all know how hard it is starting a business, much less a successful business, especially in the real estate industry. This article is intended to help you increase traffic generation in real estate, thus, making your business more successful!

What is Traffic Generation?

The process of drawing people in and viewing your website or squeeze page (landing pages created to seek email addresses from prospective, qualified subscribers). In order to be successful, real estate businesses not only need a website containing information, but a squeeze page that prompts immediate action.

4 Steps to an increase in traffic generation

1. Internet videos. Given this traffic generation technique, businesses will create short videos targeting certain real estate categories. For example, you may put a short video on YouTube explaining services you provide. This lets the customer feel as if there is a face-to-face interaction.

2. Promoting your business on social media networks. Just about everyone is on Facebook, MySpace, or has a Twitter account. If your business is not on one or all three of these networks, you are losing out to competition and potential clients. Creating accounts on any of the mentioned networks is completely free, very easy to navigate, and lets you connect with more people in your area, generating buzz!

3. Pay per click marketing. PPC are advertisements on search engines (Google), blogs, and other websites. Using this kind of search engine marketing, YOU pay whenever someone clicks on your ad. Although this form of internet marketing for investors may be somewhat expensive, it will lead to instant gratification of traffic!

4. Real Estate article marketing. This entails you, or someone in your company, to write and submit Real Estate articles to use as internet marketing for real estate investors. This lets the customer, or potential client, feel confident in that you know what you are talking about, whether it be information on short sale or foreclosures, government incentive programs, private landing opportunities or articles that highlight your business’ attributes. Article distribution has proven to be a very successful form of traffic generation.

It is important to keep in mind, no matter what technique you choose to you, or hopefully, if you chose all four, make sure you include the links back to your squeeze page or websites. Internet marketing for investors will create buzz about your business, lead potential clients to your company, increase conversions, boost traffic generation, and to ultimately, create a substantial increase in your economic pockets!

Hopefully this short guide to traffic generation has served as a helpful piece of advice. We wish you all the luck in what will be your SUCCESSFUL REAL ESTATE BUSINESS.

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