The Video Sales Letter – Part 2

Part Two – Web 2.0 Social Optimization

Successfully promoting products and services to Web 2.0 internet sites requires modeling the social aspects of human behavior. Socialization is the individual interacting within a group, one of the basic needs of the individual. Model social behavior with your marketing plan and your business will be extremely successful.

Is the entire internet socially optimized? Honestly, the answer is no.

Website owners and operators, who recognized the power of the socialization model, evolved their internet sites into what has become known as the Web 2.0 internet. 2.0 sites have grown at an enormous rate and currently are the highest visited sites on the internet. The traffic density is directly related to the number of individual members and individuals and organizations seeking relationships with the membership. Individuals and organizations with commercial goals see the 2.0 site traffic as a financial opportunity.

Each 2.0 site has stated rules regarding commercial approach and commercial relationships. Where allowed, commercialization must respect the structure and integrity of the social model (socially optimized marketing and selling). Courteous interaction must be observed, not interruption marketing and selling.

Video sales letters are extremely effective in that video is social by design. Therefore, video is an extremely powerful marketing and selling tool and accepted at many 2.0 sites. Optimizing your video production for Web 2.0 viewers should follow the same model design as the target 2.0 site. For example; site category, membership mass, demographic data, membership segments and site traffic should all be analyzed for optimal marketing potential.

Web 2.0 sites range in membership levels from millions to hundreds. Large 2.0 sites further involve their members by offering organization by member demographics, interest and professional specialty. Some sites go even further by allowing members to organize themselves. Careful investigation of each site’s membership options will produce better and more efficient results for your video sales letter.

Advertising, selling and branding messages are great passengers for video delivery. Just as the marketing airships cruise above sporting events around the world, socially optimized video delivers the same message to Web 2.0 every minute of the day. Generalized viewing is becoming more popular everyday in 2.0 video sites. Millions browse the video sites of the internet as if window shopping on the magic mile. Video delivery options may include but not limited to sponsored ads, classified ads, solo mailings and categorized uploads.

Each 2.0 site agreement usually defines the accepted advertising opportunities. If not stated in writing, social marketing practices should include contacting the site management and discussing the commercial approach options. Citizenship marketing and selling will always benefit organizations seeking a long term relationship with Web 2.0 sites.

Video sales letters can be delivered with surgical precision to the target audience at many 2.0 sites simply by correctly categorizing your optimized video. Gender, age, interest and group are many of the categories available for video uploading. An engaging message delivered by a socially optimized video will be viewed and will produce a potential client to your sales page.

From there, your socially optimized sales letter will take over and convert the potential client into a customer. And if properly cared for, your customer will feed back their experience into the 2.0 site and word of mouth advertising will produce exponential results for your business.

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