Traffic Anarchy Review – Is Traffic Anarchy Worth Buying?

Traffic Anarchy is a NEW traffic-getting software created by Steven Lee Jones but is it worth buying?

If you have some experience in internet or affiliate marketing, I am sure you know that traffic is crucial to your success because you need traffic to make sales. Without traffic, nobody would have noticed your web pages or offers hence nobody is going to buy from you.

Therefore, traffic is like potential buyer. The more traffic you get, the more potential buyers you would have. Hope this makes sense to you.

So, how does Traffic Anarchy help you get more traffic?

In a nutshell, Traffic Anarchy is a very simple but powerful software distribution program. It AUTOMATICALLY distribute your information/articles/news to high-traffic sites like article directories, RSS feeds, press releases and social bookmarking sites. This software program is created for internet and affiliate marketers to build BACKLINKS to their websites or blogs.

A backlink (or a link from other website to your website) is considered as a vote of confidence or endorsement from other website to your websites. Therefore, if there are many high quality sites linking to your website, Google will view that your site has some great VALUE and hence would give it good ranking.

Websites or blogs that have good ranking would rank highly on Google’s search results page. As we know, websites or web pages that appear on the first page of Google (positions 1 to 10) will get all the attention and hence all the traffic. For example, if your web page ranks on the first position of Google, you would get a flood of free and targeted traffic.

That’s basically what Traffic Anarchy is all about, it helps you get high quality backlinks. For many internet or affilite marketers, this software tool is a BIG time saver! Without this software, you could build backlinks MANUALLY but this would take a lot of time.

How to set up this auto or semi-automated tool?

Setting up Traffic Anarchy is very easy. This little software program runs on your desktop computer, installation is a breeze, it took me less than 5 minute to install the program on my PC. However, creating account on each site where we want to get links from would take some times. It took me around 2 hours to set this up. Fortunately, you only need to do this once, after that everything can be automated.

That is basically what Traffic Anarchy can provide you. Is it worth buying? Well, for me personally, it is quite worth it to own such a software tool. It is only one-time cost/investment. Of course, I could perform all my backlinking tasks manually but with this tool, I could do the backlinking tasks a lot more quickly. Hence, saving me a lot of TIME!

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