Traffic Geyser Video Submission Software

Traffic Geyser is the main player in video submission software companies. It is the product of Mike Koenigs, Rocket Helstrom and Frank Sousa. This technology is getting better all the time as the Traffic Geyser team gets even more experience from testing, tracking and making adjustments and enhancements to their service. Every successful marketer does these things and so the guys from Traffic Geyser do the same. Traffic Geyser is a continually evolving product and as the software is web based, this often means there is a small update to look forward to every month or so. 

If you use long tail keywords in a niche market, you can quite easily get 1st in organic search engine listings in Google, MSN, and Yahoo and you can literally dominate that search in your market. Traffic Geyser has a lot of Video Tutorials to explain how to do this in a realistic way without appearing too spammy. The actual training content you get with Traffic Geyser is second to none and makes the whole package very good value for money

Traffic Geyser states that you can laser-target your market and attract customers to your website, your sales pitch, and your offer. However, to be really successful you need to provide valuable content. ‘Content is King’ as Joel Comm and other top internet Marketers have said, so be prepared to put your ‘marketing hat’ on when using Traffic Geyser.

Traffic Geyser also made the process of making videos simple, you don’t even need a video camera. You can use images and a toll free phone call to make your video. This is a service for the camera shy, but it does work. It will help eventually if you get the courage to put yourself on camera and be the star in your niche. You can use this tool to make a lot of money, so why not put some effort into it and make a lot more money and have some fun with videos at the same time.

Traffic Geyser is a Video Submission Service just like many out there, it puts your videos on video sharing sites, in fact Traffic Geyser puts your videos on more video sites than any other video submission service, but there is much more to it than just video

I must also mention some really cool features that Traffic Geyser has that sets it apart from any other video submission service.  Traffic Geyser also submits to blogs and social bookmarking sites and very cleverly strips off the audio from your video and submits it to podcast directories too. In 2008 the new ‘Multiple Submission Feature’ was introduced, which means that you can upload your file once and Traffic Geyser can submit the same video as many as four (twelve in the platinum version) times. You can tell Traffic Geyser to submit immediately, in a day, week month or schedule the delivery for any date or time in the future. You can change the titles, descriptions and tags for your videos so your videos get ranked for different keywords. Traffic Geyser automatically ‘transcodes’ your video into different formats so they aren’t recognized as duplicates.

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