Wow Green International – A Scam, Or is It?

Not to long ago in February of 09 Allie T. Mallad founded WowGreen International, an enzyme based green set of home cleaners. Allie T. Mallad and his counsel have a mission statement to free the world of toxic chemicals, one household at a time. WowGreen International is still in the pre-launch phase, and the one question that been on everyone mind is WowGreen a SCAM or is wow green an illegal pyramid schemes. Well lets review a illegal pyramid is a company where there no product been exchange they just flip money and flip money is illegal, so do Wowgreen offer product YES, do Wowgreen flip money NO. so the company is not a scam, next question can I make a lot of money with wow green well that all depends on you.

WowGreen International is in the network marketing/direct sales industry and a lot of network marketing company do not teach there representatives how to run a successful home based business. So you have to ask your self im I willing to do what it takes to learn the skills and mindset on how to build a successful wow green business. Wow green pays it distributor a lot of money for building there business but a lot of people are struggling to build there business cause they are trying to build there business using the old technique of network marketing that wow green teaches.

So is WowGreen International business side a SCAM in a way it really is reason why, To build a successful home based business you must leverage the internet. Wow Green teaches it reps the old school of network marketing like going to meetings,talking to everyone they see in shopping malls, passing out flyers and etc if you are doing this you have a higher chance of failing in this awesome business. The correct way to build your business and have a nice size residual income in a year or less is using the internet. Google is the number one website in the world just think about if your content was on Google and how many people will see that a day and how many people will be contacting you about what you have to offer, you can explode any business.

Once you learn how to use the internet to build your business you will get paid way more then what you are getting now and wow green will be very happy to have you as one of there reps, but first you must learn how to use the internet cause you dont want to waste a ton of money on Google AdWords and etc you need proper training. So the big question is do I want to learn how to make the big money using the internet or do I want to continue to use the old school of network marketing.

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