YourNetBiz Review – Will it Make Me Rich?

Well, is YourNetBiz a scam? Honestly, I’ll come to that later.

First thing is why am I writing an article with a negative connotation when I am basically a positive person? The truth is when I was looking for the right product to help me get started doing business online, I came across YourNetBiz through the person who was later to become my mentor and even though I felt instinctively that I could trust this person and that he was truthful regarding his own success, there was still this nagging doubt in my mind. You see I’d been ripped off before and wanted to find out: is YourNetBiz a scam?

Now if I suffered from these initial doubts and negative thoughts when making my final decision I figure there is a good chance you will too and at some point you’re going to ask the questions, is YourNetBiz a scam? And will it make me rich?

I want to be honest with you as the author of this article and tell you upfront that I am a member of YourNetBiz and as a result now consider myself to be a successful online marketer. This business is not for everyone and I have had to learn new skills and work on my mindset in order to become successful. I also learned to become an online marketer rather than just a YourNetBiz marketer and perhaps surprisingly, it’s the YourNetBiz product itself which has enabled me to do this.

With YourNetBiz you can take one of two approaches. You can rely entirely on the YourNetBiz automated marketing system which is designed to handle the presentation and sales portion of your business. Basically the “Telling and Selling.” Then, as a YourNetBiz business owner your responsibility is to generate “Targeted Traffic” to your site and let the system sort and close your interested prospects. The video presentation and detailed tour is very good and the explanation of the compensation plan is well covered.

Alternatively you can do the above, but at the same time learn to brand yourself online so that when people turn to you for your expertise and leadership, they can learn from you, their mentor, about how to create an online presence and authority which gives them the power to market any product they like. YourNetBiz actively encourages and nurtures this approach. This is tremendously powerful and has the potential to create very substantial wealth.

What about the product?


This is the main reason I chose YourNetBiz over any other business. I know from my experience 99% of people that come online to make money don’t know how to market! YourNetBiz solves this problem! You can go through the training at your own pace and is there when you need it. This is one of the largest resource tools that you can find out there today. There are over 200+ training videos covering all forms of advertising and marketing you can use to market any business online. You also have access to conference calls & webinars to reinforce the training you are going through.

Information Products

Software and wealth creation resources, physical products and other information products in 88 different niches. The software is mostly designed around internet business and marketing. Much of this software is very helpful in marketing and improving your business. You also get your own “Internet Store Front” and proven sales pages ready customised with your information in order to market these products!

Professional Business Assistants (PBA’s)

This is such a good idea, real professionals making the call backs for you! They can do the telling and selling as part of your business, freeing up your time for traffic generation. I don’t know of another business opportunity that offers this level of support.

The Net Millionaire Training System… (Platinum associate product)

It’s a game, a bit like monopoly and it teaches you how to create and build an online business. It is actually fun to play and the family can get involved. This is a good way to learn about the business and get your loved ones involved. You’ll need their support so why not start with this game. I have to say this is great way to learn with no pressure, no fear of failure and no costly mistakes.

Primo Vacations (Platinum Members ONLY)

This is where you get access to updated premium vacations at a fraction of the cost they would normally be. With the Primo Vacations you will have more choices and receive the best value you can get for these vacation deals. On top of the savings for vacations, you also can save big on Hotels, Airfares,Rental Cars and more. This is a full service, private club that you now belong to. So, you’re still here!

Here’s the answer to the big question: Is YourNetBiz a scam?

No its not.

Will it make you rich?

Well it has made a lot of ordinary folk much better off than they were before and some of the top producers have become very wealthy indeed. If the successful people have one thing in common it’s that they were prepared to suspend their disbelief, trust in the business and themselves and work hard in the early days setting up their business and learning the skills needed to attract targeted traffic.

In other words yes YourNetBiz can make you wealthy but ultimately it’s down to you. YourNetBiz is not going to make you rich over night. It does require hard work and commitment in the early days. YourNetBiz can become the centre around which you build a great online business that is not reliant on one single product or idea to succeed.

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