App Marketing Videos – Why And How To Make A Video

Marketing Videos and their importance

Videos are the most visual way in which you can communicate an idea or concept to your target audience. It’s no coincidence that YouTube has an Alexa ranking of 3 in terms of worldwide traffic. According to the B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Report 2013, videos are used by consumers more than white papers, live demos with sales representatives, case studies, help manuals and toolkits. Users have clearly transitioned to interactive content instead of relying on stale content such as screenshots and pictures to evaluate a product. What your app marketing must deal with is not screenshots, but video!

App Marketing

Today, the App Store and Google Play boast of billions of mobile app downloads. Thousands of apps are released every day. Considering this statistic, it’s not hard to imagine why most apps go un-noticed.

The challenge is not only to develop a great app, but to market it efficiently and effectively such that it gets in front of millions of mobile app enthusiasts all around the world. More the number of eyeballs scanning your product, the better it is for your product!

How App Marketing Videos can help in Press Releases

Nothing can help in your marketing effort like a Press Release. However, press releases go out to journalists and media personnel from all over the world. They may or may not be tech savvy. Some of them my be interested in your idea, but will not be able to evaluate your app if they have do not have the appropriate device in their possession.

Embedding a video link onto the press release or on the product page of your app ensures that everyone gets to see what your app can accomplish, even if they have never used a smartphone. The motive behind a press release is to capture the journalist’s interest, and a video is best suited to accomplish that goal.

How to make your own App Marketing Video

Here are the key points involved in making your app marketing video.

  1. Writeup a transcript that tells your app’s story
  2. Find a professional voice artist for recording the transcript
  3. Invest in a HD capable video camera and a tripod device for mounting the camera
  4. Purchase professional lighting tools and get help to install them if required
  5. Grab the latest mobile device available in the market to run your app on
  6. Film your app by recording the actions to match with that of the transcript
  7. Use professional editing software to give the video a neat finish
  8. Add background music if required to spice up the video.

Can’t make the App Marketing Video all by yourself?

Yes, a host of tools and devices are required in order to make an app marketing video. In the end, it needs to be a professional looking video or else it won’t work the magic of wooing your users!

If you need an app marketing video, but cannot make it all by yourself, then use a professional app video production service like AppVJ.

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