Explaindio in 2016: Trial, Mega Bundles and Other Offers

Explaindio is creating a buzz among the video marketing experts. The software is renowned for its easy control panel, which can be operated through some simple clicks. The software can create some amazing videos from its theme pack as well as using some images from itself. Though, the video editing software will lack some advanced options and features as like timeline panel and on screen editing, people seem to like the software for its simplicity.

The software isn’t made for advanced video editing. However, it will produce some videos like professional ones. The software was very popular in 2015. It seems that Explaindio will continue its form in 2016 with some unique offers.

What is Explaindio?

Explaindio Video Creator is a video editing software, made for easy video editing. Andrew Darius, Nick LaPolla and Todd Gross are the founder of this software. The video editor will provide full marketing video with the help of kinetic animation text, cartoon Explainer, whiteboard sketches and many more options very easily within minutes. You don’t need to be a professional video editor to make videos from Explaindio. With the help of the features and files, you will be able to make unique videos from some simple clicks.

Features of Explaindio – what are the differences

The video creating software comes with some unique features to make professional-looking videos in some easy clicks. The combination of theme packs, call to action animation packs and a large image library with different essential images will let you create high-quality videos in simple ways. The different hand pack will help you to make whiteboard sketches for different purposes. Explaindio is said as one of the best pieces of easy video editing software for their simple and comfortable editing panel and vast help from the library. You don’t have to worry if you are not a professional video editor. With some simple learning, you will be able to make promotional videos from this video editing software

Comparing with VideoMakerFX and Easy Sketch Pro 2

If we talk about the easy video creating tools available in the market in 2016, Easy Sketch Pro 2 and VideoMakerFX will come first along with Explaindio video creator 2.0. these three software are renowned for their easy video creating capability. If we compare the features of these video editors, we will see some differences.

Easy Sketch Pro 2 and Video maker can’t import slides from the other software like Explaindio. VideoMakerFX also lacks the marketplace to buy theme and image packs like Explaindio. VideoMakerFX does not have the option to work on video. Explaindio also has the character creating option, which the other two editors don’t. Explaindio only lacks the sketch to video option, which is available with Easy Sketch Pro 2.

Is Explaindio Worth it?

The advantages of having the marketplace and capacity of importing slides from different video editing software make it very easy to work with Explaindio. The software is also offering trial packages with only 1 dollar to let the editor check this tool. You can experiment on the software for seven days with the trial Explaindio offer.

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