Generate Waves Of Traffic To Your Website With Online Video Marketing

An article at’s “Benchmarks & Insights” states that “50.5% of US consumers watch video online and they’re spending 45% more time doing it than a year ago — that’s over four and a half hours of online video per month.” It also mentioned that “currently video makes up 40% of all Internet traffic and will exceed 91% by 2014, according to forecasts from Cisco.”

Based on those data, online video marketing is the best way to capture an online searcher’s attention. In addition, video SEO is over 50 times more likely to rank a website on the first page of search engine results than traditional SEO according to Forrester.

If your online marketing plan doesn’t include video marketing strategies, your site will be missing out on the chance to rank high in the search engine results. There are various reasons why online searchers are attracted to videos and some of them are discussed briefly below:

The Attraction of Online Videos

1. Videos Provide Interesting Content

Effective communication is a two-way process. Videos are effective in generating traffic to websites because the attention of online searchers is more easily captured by the animated and dynamic action in videos than by static text. As soon as a searcher becomes interested enough to click on the video, effective communication is started.

2. Videos Give More Convincing Product Information

There are many characteristics or qualities that can never be adequately described by words alone. That’s why there were illustrations or photos for a better understanding of the audience or readers. There’s no question that a lot more information can be conveyed through videos in a shorter period of time than by reading text or looking at photos. For example, in a second after seeing the product, the viewer gets more than hundreds of words of information.

3. It’s Easier to Build Customer Relationships through Videos

Video advertising can convey most messages more effectively if done in an entertaining way. The viewers are not only informed, they are also entertained for free. This is one way to develop an increasing interest for the site visitor to go to the site again. If more interesting and new videos are available in each visit, expect to have a regular visitor from then on.

If your website allows visitors to leave their comments, you’ll gain not just their email addresses but more valuable information about them.

4. Videos Are Easier to Share

It’s a natural consequence to want to share something good, informative or funny to the people you care about. If your videos can be embedded on other sites, you can imagine how widespread they will be after a few hours of posting them.

Informative videos are also frequently shared because they are useful. Some viewers will visit your site to see if there are other similar videos. If they like what they see, they’ll keep on coming back. Videos are effective tools to provide information and to entertain. It’s also a big advantage that they are easy to share. If the site owners continually provide high quality videos and use the right video marketing tactics, they can expect waves of traffic to their websites.

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