How to Keep Your Viewer’s Attention When Using Online Video Marketing to Showcase Your Listings

Using videos to showcase your listings has a lot of benefits to your real estate business.

Some of those benefits include:

1. Having a unique marketing strategy that your competition doesn’t have; making it easier to close your listing appointments.

2. Getting buyer leads from people that call you after watching the video.

3. Getting other listing appointments because someone that is thinking about selling their home finds your online videos.

One problem I have noticed with a lot of realtors that use video to show off their listings is that the video is boring.

Understand Your Viewers and Win with Video Marketing

The attention span of the average person on the internet is short. So do everything you can to keep your viewers attention long enough to feel interested enough in the listing to give you a call.

Since our goal is to get and keep our viewer attention through the video; we have to start by making the video as compelling as possible.

You can do this by first making sure that you have a person showing the home on camera. Many times I have seen videos with just a little music and the camera floating through the home. Most of the time the floating images of the home just aren’t good enough. You or the person you have in front of the camera should first welcome the viewer. Welcoming the viewer seems to keep the viewer more engaged by feeling acknowledged. The more you can make this video like a conversation the better results you will get.

After you welcome the viewer, your next step is to entice the viewer with a description of what they are going to experience by watching the video. By giving a quick description of what your viewer can expect you have the opportunity to build their curiosity.

Make sure to keep the view of the home changing. You can do this by zooming in on different aspects of what makes the home unique. If you hold the camera still for longer than fifteen seconds you will find that many of your viewers loose interest. If you focus on specific aspects of the home with the camera makes sure you are also verbally describing them.

Make sure you end the video with a clear call to action so your prospect knows what to do next. Make sure you include in that call to action that you can answer any real estate question they have about the home in this video or any other home on the market.

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