Is ClickBank Genuine? Discover The Truth Inside

Who or What Is ClickBank?

ClickBank is an American company that has paid out almost two billion dollars to affiliates. ClickBank allows authors to sell their products through their market place and they

ClickBank are a registered US company who sell ebooks. They allow eBook authors to use their site to sell to the wider public. They also allow “affiliates” to promote the books on behalf of the authors and earn a commission for doing so.

ClickBank handles all the payment processing so is a very popular choice for authors. Products sold through the company have money back guarantees so that if the purchaser is not happy with it they can ask for a refund.

So how do you make money by selling information products such as Ebooks?

Well, ClickBank sell thousands and thousands of digital products in every single subject you could possibly imagine. The best thing about CB is that you do not need to have any special skills or qualifications to create a product and sell it through them.

The first step is to establish a hungry market in which people have problems and are looking for answers. An example of this would be weight loss, there are people out there that want to lose weight – just create a product showing them how.

Now, you’re probably wondering how difficult it is to write an eBook and to be honest providing you break it down in to sections it is a straight forward process. The process is much easier if you are writing about a subject that you are interested in. For example, if you’re an expert at helping people lose weight or helping people play golf better then this could be a very good digital product idea.

An eBook does not need to be as long as a traditional book and it can be as little as 10-12 pages.

If you do not wish to create an eBook you could create an audio or video product and sell it on Clickbank.

Once you have your information product you can apply to ClickBank to have it placed in their market place so that it can be promoted by affiliates. It is possible for affiliates to pick it up very quickly and start promoting it particularly if the market is very hot and the product you create is in high demand.

How To Promote ClickBank Products

You may decide not to create your own product but instead promote one the twelve thousand plus products already in the ClickBank market place and receive a commission for doing so. This is a fairly straight forward process, once you have found the product you would like to promote, the next step is to get your unique promotion hop link from ClickBank and then you are ready to start promoting. To promote the product you may decide to set up a blog and add content on it so that you receive traffic from search engines. You may decide to send traffic to your affiliate link through video marketing and uploading videos on to YouTube. Another good way to drive lots of traffic to your affiliate offer is forum marketing. This can be done simply by placing your affiliate link in to the bottom of your forum signature.

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