Joel Peterson – The Mini Site Formula Review

This article is a review of Joel Peterson’s Minisite Formula. It has been devised so that it is easy to understand and to follow the step by step creation of your minisites. The whole idea of the mini site formula is not the promise of millions of dollars overnight, it is a process for creating lots of mini web sites that each earn you consistent and regular revenue. Having many sites spread all over the web all on different topics in very tight niches where people are looking to buy these products.

The system run through is that they have tools and processes in place to help you find the correct keywords to use, the pages for the website are generated automatically for you using the WordPress Template for creating websites easily. A lot of people new to this may think it’s too difficult to build websites and place them onto the internet and don’t even bother to take a look at how easy it can really be.

The creation of the sites is dealt with in great detail from start to finish everything is covered they have videos so that you can see exactly how things get done, so the complete beginner can follow the system, it also uses some very unique strategies that may also interest even the more experienced marketer. As a bonus they even create your first promotional video for you.

The next priority is then to get traffic of visitors to your site again this is achieved by a variety of ways web 2.0, social proofing techniques, especially using short videos to get your message across, the training shows all the steps in detail of how to make these videos and upload them onto the web.

  • Simple and easy to create.
  • No advertising to pay for.
  • No products to handle.
  • No experience necessary.
  • Very little website maintenance needed.
  • Easy to follow detailed instructions.

This work can be outsourced increasing the amount of websites you create thus increasing the amount of income you can make. Remember the creation time is very short so you can churn out as many websites as you like to increase your possible earnings.

It’s as simple as that so if you have been struggling to earn any income online give the minisite formula a try and see your results change for the better, this could earn you a good side income to begin with that could eventually become full time online work for you.

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