MLM Power Link Building – Generating Network Marketing Traffic Using RSS

Many people who are in network marketing are clueless when it comes to marketing online. There are so many powerful way to drive traffic and most of them don’t realize that RSS is one of the best ways to generate traffic to their network marketing sites or blogs.

For those of you who don’t know what RSS is about, it stands for Really Simple Syndication and what it does is that it is a format that is widely used all across the web for syndication of news sites related to the niche. It is largely untapped but it is a very consistent method to drive traffic to your network marketing sites.

Remember, the purpose of putting up your feed is to generate more traffic and increase the number of subscribers in your mailing list. Here are a couple of ways to pull it off:

– Create quality content on your blog. When you have good content, people will want to know more. They will go back to your blog often to see what you have to say. If you are in network marketing, you must use this technique to gather a following. When you have lots of subscribers who subscribe to your feed, they will be notified the moment you put up a new post. Keep in touch with them and build rapport so that you will have relationships that are strong enough for you to offer them a chance to join your downline.

– Use your RSS feed and submit it to the Social Aggregator sites like FriendFeed and LifeStream. These tools are very useful as they facilitate the RSS process for you easily without having to worry too much about technical problems.

– You can also submit your RSS to RSS directories like FeedRaider, FeedAge and FeedBite. The more directories you submit your sites to, you will get more traffic to your websites.

– You can do a Google search for RSS directories or RSS aggregator and you should be able to find hundreds of other RSS related sites. Try and look for as many as you can.

Your blog post RSS will be sydicated to all the RSS sites which in turn will drive lots of targeted traffic to your site. Beside your blog RSS, you can also submit your RSS from your articles in article directories, videos in youtube, bookmarks in social bookmarking sites.

The goal is to get so many subscribers that you can get a lot of traffic to your sites by creating only ONE blog post. After all, you want to leverage as much as you can. When you have 100 subscribers versus 10,000 subscribers, the workload is exactly the same. When you broadcast to your list, the same principle applies. So make sure you learn to use technology to your advantage when you are building your network marketing business.

Summary: RSS is a new and powerful online tool for traffic generation. If you can learn the skills of RSS feeds, you will get many targeted traffic to your MLM site and build your network of downlines.

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