Network Marketing Lead Generation – Drop Cards

Drop Cards are some of the most cost effective, easy to implement and fun methods of driving an endless flood of prospects to your website.

A Drop Card is nothing more than a bit of paper that you purposefully ‘drop’ or leave behind you. Typically these are the size and shape of a business cards or they are printed to look like a $100 bill on one side. The idea is uncomplicated. “Drop these Cards” everywhere people gather. Let numbers work for you. People will pick up your card, read it, keep it and respond if they are curious. Or, people will pick up your card, read it and put it back where they found it.

If you saw a $10, $20 or $100 bill lying on the ground I’m sure you would pick it up, right? Flip it over and there is an intriguing statement such as “Fire Your Boss. #1 Home-Based Business” or “Need More Leads? Need More Reps?” or “If You Want to Work for the Rest of Your Life, That’s Your Business; If You Don’t That’s My Business.” In addition to your catch phrase, the only other thing on your Drop Card should be a Website URL.The video is an invitation to find out more; it is not the time to reveal details of your network marketing bsuiness.

Not many cards are thrown away. The hundred dollar bill cards are very viral; one person finds it and shows a friend who shows another friend. The viral use of these bills basically will get your network marketing business in front of many more would-be customers and prospects. Responses are just a matter of time if you are putting the cards out consistently. Curiosity first; eyeballs second.This is a strategy that the newest, most timid member of your team can implement.

What should be on your website? A video; fewer than 200 words of text and a capture form asking for a name, email and phone number. In the video, thank the person for taking the time to visit your site. Reassure them that you are a real person and have useful information to share. Explain that providing contact information separates the ‘curious’ from the ‘serious’ and that you only spend time with the ‘serious’. Be yourself and be brief. Don’t promote your specific network marketing opportunity in the video.

Finally, where should you drop your drop cards? Here are fifteen ideas to get you started. Any place where people must wait is a fabulous choice.

1.In hotel rooms

2.In airplane in-flight magazines

3.Tanning Salons


5.Sporting events

6.At bus stops and in buses

7. In gas station credit card readers – people have to pull them out to put their credit card in.

8.In free real estate magazines you find in stacks around town.

9.At the gym

10.Inside business & MLM books at your local bookstore

11.In taxi cabs

12.In restaurant booths

13.In doctor’s office magazines



Drop cards work, they always have, and they always will because they appeal to the basic human curiosity factor in all of us. If you are not currently using drop cards in your regular routine add this method today.

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