Why You Should Make A Video Clip

It may not seem obvious at first but there are several compelling reasons why getting a video clip on to YouTube, is a really good move to make.

It doesn’t matter if it is really short and average but as long as it is able to promote you, your website or a product that you wish to sell, it seems clear that it can send traffic to your site like few other Marketing strategies on the internet can.

Why is this?

The explosion of the new so-called WEB 2.0 is, I am fairly sure, starting to happen very quickly.

This involves the new ( and in some cases, not so new ) social networking sites such as Squidoo, Facebook, My Space and of course YouTube, all of which have phenomenal growth rates that simply stagger the mind.

Why a videoclip?

The short answer is that a video clip is as the latest figures and web research no shows, is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to be able to cleverly promote your site, your passion and even your income by personally interacting with tens of thousands, sometimes millions of people. If you happen to get it right. Even if you don’t go viral at first, you will certainly be learning along the way and you will earn a lot of Brownie points by creating a presence on some of these sites from the start.

Why is it inexpensive?

Simply because video clips are now within the grasp of almost everyone that owns a camera and a web cam.

In fact, Logitech the people that seem to have a lion’s share in the webcam market, specifically designed their webcams for home production videoclips.

It is not realised that apart from the initial outlay for the webcam and some judicious use of downloading free web editing programs there i very little to outlay!

The cost of presenting your video clip is paid for by YouTube or whichever site you choose itself. They pay for the bandwidth and the cost of hosting your video, you have to pay nothing at all for the ongoing expense! Considering that alone, that represents a great investment especially as you may well engender tens of thousands of hits back to your site, even with your first attempt.

This of course is very tempting prospect for the would be internet entrepreneur or even someone who loves to tell the world of his or her latest views and thoughts of the state of the Planet! It really opens up a prospect that has always been a closed shop up until recently!

Isn’t creating a video complicated?

No way! I thought that until recently a great new e-book arrived onto my laptop called TubeTraffic.

Its an amazing e-book stuffed to the top with every single piece of information the layman might need to create either a basic promotional info video clip or a full blown ten minute commercial!

The amount of information contained in it is simply staggering and is certainly comprehensive enough to get you up and running in a day or two.

What can a video clip do for me?

Drive traffic to your site, may be in tens of thousands of hits.

Promote my website, my product, without fuss.

Demonstrate visually how an idea or product works

Interest like minded people to your ideas or Groups that are interested in activities, ideas or discussion

Recruit new members to a forum, Newsletter or Discussion groups.

The possibilities are endless and the more you think about the far reaching powers that could be in your grasp for such a small effort it truly is mind boggling!

Get your message out the World! If you don’t someone else will get there first!

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http://www.successwithyoutube.com and find out much more about this booming trend!!

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