Why You Should Produce Online Marketing Videos

You cannot fail in business if you gain new customers on a regular basis and you retain existing customers. Thousands of books and millions of lines of copy are written each year giving the latest guidance and ideas to optimise the returns on your marketing investment, to turn promotion into sales.

With more people enjoying access to high speed broadband, the value of creating online video is exploding. Businesses are under pressure to engage and retain the interest of their customers quickly or risk losing them to a competitor, so having a strong online media presence is vital to retaining and converting a potential lead into a loyal customer.

It is a well-known fact that within thirty seconds of visiting a website many users move on. Online videos retain the customer’s interest, giving your effective sales copy and fantastic introductory offers the chance to be noted and explored further. Potential customers who are impressed by your online videos will return to watch more and to learn about your company and how what you offer might be of use to them.

Online videos are watched by viewers who are interested in your type of content. It is reasonable to presume that they spend some money in following this interest. The balance you must strike as a business is not to oversell your products, but to intersperse subtle salesmanship with good video production. You must not alienate the viewer by overselling, but they must understand clearly the offer you are making to them before they stop watching your video. Many videos put in the call to action and introductory offer at the conclusion of the video, so potential customers leave with a clear picture of what you are offering in their minds.

During the sales process you cannot close a sale without the customer fully trusting you and believing you care about them. As the potential customer watches your videos their respect towards your organisation as an authority in your area of interest will grow. They will note that you took the time and effort to produce this quality content.

Existing customers who have returned will hopefully have had a positive buying experience, so your online video content further builds on and cements this positive relationship. This should lead to further sales of increasing size as the customer believes in your ability to meet their needs.

With a product or service that is competitive within your market and with excellent customer service, quality online videos will enhance your company to the next level and push you over the line in persuading customers to choose what you offer over your competitors.

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