Would You Delegate Your Work?

Would you delegate your work or masterpiece? Do you think that Leonardo da Vinci let some dude from a far away country work on the Mona Lisa? Do you suppose he delegated his art so he could hang out by the pool at his villa? Did Michelangelo outsource the painting of the Sistine Chapel? If he did, it probably wouldn’t have taken him four years to complete, but it certainly wouldn’t be the masterpiece we still marvel at half a century later.

Some tasks can and should be delegated. Outsourcing is a good thing, and vital to the growth of any small business. But some entrepreneurs get so caught up in the outsourcing craze that they delegate away their brilliance. In an effort to grow and scale, they end up giving away their greatest skill, asset or talent.

That’s why, when it comes to video, I won’t work with just anyone. Because of the time and creative effort involved in developing a video marketing strategy, or producing a customized video, I’m really selective about who I work with. It’s part of my “red velvet rope” policy that ensures that I only work with ideal clients. Many colleagues have pointed out (rightly so) that I could make more money and take on more clients if I would outsource my creative services. They are probably right. I could take on more clients if I sent some of the work overseas. But the fact is, I’m too particular, too proud and too passionate to delegate the most crucial and creative aspects of my work.

I’d rather work with fewer clients who are absolutely over the moon about their video results than compromise on quality. Idea generation can rarely be outsourced. Creativity cannot be delegated. Great marketing strategy does not come from a worker bee 8,000 miles away who is making $3.00 per hour.

Take my accounting, my admin, my article distribution, but not my art! I have no problem getting a guy on fiverr to do my backlinks, but if a video production or video marketing strategy has my name on it, you can bet your sweet bippy it was created by me!

Now, I’m no Michelangelo – and your video masterpiece won’t take four years to create – but I think we can all learn something from the Renaissance masters. Do what you do best and delegate the rest. Don’t compromise on your brilliance. Don’t let anyone else mess with your Mona Lisa!

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