Andrew MacLeod’s ClickBank Profit Storm Review – Is This For Real?

The ClickBank Profit Storm system, by Andrew MacLeod, first emerged as a WSO (Warrior Sales Offer) on 31 May 2010 in the Warrior Forum, and it received rave reviews from forum members. From Andrew’s disclosure about his experience during the times of Commission Blueprint version 1.0, he is a relatively new yet seasoned marketer who is quieting making a consistent 5 figures monthly pay check under the radar… until now.

Brief History

On 31 May 2010, Andrew unleashed his money making formula in the Warrior Forum. His claim of a monthly 5 figures pay check was initially perceived with skepticism, especially so with zero proven track record. But these skepticism were quickly drowned by influx of rave reviews from forum members who bought the product (and I was one of those).

Within a week after the WSO sale, the secret download link to the product was leaked out to the Internet, creating such a buzz and a furor of illegal downloads follow suit, before Andrew took the page down. By then, ClickBank Profit Storm has already kicked up a storm, and fuelling up immense demand, this product has set itself on a self marketing mode.

ClickBank Profit Storm – An Insider View

So what exactly is ClickBank Profit Storm? In this article, I will provide a brutal yet honest review of the product, without revealing the actual mechanics.

First of all, I will reveal what ClickBank Profit Storm is not:

NOT a paid traffic system. Forget paid traffic such as pay per click (PPC), pay per view (PPV) or banner advertisements. The system is all about setting up Profit Storm sites that are laser targeted for organic traffic from major Search Engines;

NOT a full-fledged SEO system. Many might not agree with this but I will reiterate that this is not a SEO course. However, if you follow the ClickBank Profit Storm system setup methodologies to the book, you would have achieved all of the in-page SEO optimizations; and

NOT a Quick-Get-Rich scheme. This is definitely not a “push button solution”, be prepared to put in some efforts during the initial setup. However, since most ClickBank Profit Storm sites are mini sites comprising only a handful of keyword rich articles, the efforts involve are minimal that can be rinsed and repeated. The real work though is in the site promotions. The real value of the system comes during profit scaling through outsourcing (more about that later).

ClickBank Profit Storm is a system that teaches you to create keyword targeted mini sites that are traffic magnets to the search engines, predominantly Google, Yahoo and Bing. These sites are built with WordPress, a fast gaining popular platform for web content delivery and yet well favored by major Search Engines.

Building a WordPress blog is not a daunting task; the real challenge is “how to build it” the way Search Engines like it. This is where the ClickBank Profit Storm system excels. It is all about ranking higher in search engines through clever publishing of extremely relevant contents that are highly keyword targeted. Andrew didn’t just teach the basics; he included a video case study that that showed exactly how he did it. In fact, every module in the ClickBank Profit Storm system has its respective “Look over My Shoulder” videos that cover the entire spectrum of site creation.

By following the video, you can virtually “see” how Andrew takes a case study and transforms it to a full-fledged WordPress blog. In the process, he demonstrated how market selection should be done, how to perform keyword research effectively, how to analyze competition, how to predict site ranking, and finally how to setup and promote a new Profit Storm site.

Is the system suitable for all levels of Internet Marketing experience?

For a novice marketer, this system offers an excellent introduction to the raising trend of creating mini sites using WordPress. Andrew has taken pains to deliver step-by-step instructions through his series of “Look over My Shoulder” videos. Each module consists of a process map document, a recommended tools document, a tutorial video and a “Look over My Shoulder” video.

For a seasoned marketer, the system offers a quick refresh of the overall techniques introduced. As with many course alike, a seasoned marketer may pick up handful of new tips and techniques that may rack in extra hundreds or thousands in their next marketing campaign.

The true gem in the ClickBank Profit Storm course is its Outsourcing Module, where Andrew shows his mastery in profit scaling through outsourcing. Unlike other course on the subject on outsourcing, Andrew’s revelation on this subject is dead simple and yes, almost unbelievable. It is also in this module that Andrew reveals his secret weapon to mass produce Profit Storm sites at shoe string budget. This outsourcing secret alone is definitely worth more than ten times the cost of ClickBank Profit Storm system.

If you are looking for extra pointers and tips for doing website promotions or planning to get massive back links, you might be disappointed as this subject is not covered in greater details as I originally expected. Don’t get me wrong, Andrew did cover most of the web promotion methods but I felt that they are a tat too brief for a novice marketer to fully comprehend. Perhaps in Andrew’s opinion, such work can be easily outsourced if you follow his outsourcing guidelines.

Final Conclusion

ClickBank Profit Storm is rated as must buy for marketers who want to reap the rewards of cash influx from organic search marketing. Its concepts and techniques taught are application in every imaginable niches (not just limited to the money making niche). The true beauty of this system is the ease and simplicity of setting it up as a mini money site, and the ability of replicating this model to endless niches. If you have followed all of Andrew’s instructions to the book and assuming market competitiveness is favorable, your Profit Storm site should easily rank within search engines’ top pages without applying any web promotional methods. Even if some efforts are expended to promote your sites, you can be rest assured that the results gained are permanent and that you will continue to reap its benefits for years to come.

Finally, the must-have module is the Outsourcing Module which is truly a gem. You can easily quadruple your profits by increasing your productivity at a lower cost and yet multiply the income stream by many times. In my opinion, this module alone is worth investing in ClickBank Profit Storm.

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