How to Create a Mobile Website for Your Business?

The last few years we witnessed an increase in the number of people accessing the internet on mobiles. According to internet experts, the current rate of increase in mobile users will outnumber the desktop internet users by 2015. Is your business ready for mobile users? You can use multiple strategies for creating a mobile site for your business. You can start with a fresh website for your business or convert your existing website into a mobile friendly version. Here are some tools to create a site for your business.

How can mobile websites help your business?

Your business can benefit from a mobile website and some of the most important benefits are listed below.

· Mobile browsing feature for your customers: It is much easier for a customer to order product on their mobile devices. With the large number of Smartphone customers, a mobile website for your business will ensure an excellent browsing experience.

· Increase social interaction: According to research, mobile users tend to share data and websites more frequently than desktop users, which means your mobile website will get better response from social media platforms.

· Promote special offers on your site: You can use the social media to promote discount coupons for online customers. However, you need to optimize your social media pages for mobile visitors. A mobile website is packed with all of these features and all you need to do is to market your business.

3 Tools to Create a Mobile Site for Your Business

There are plenty of tools available online for creating mobile websites and they are quite easy to use. Let us get started your DIY site project.

· allows you to create a site within 5 minutes. You will get an intuitive user interface for building your site. You can choose among 13 templates available in their store. You need to paste a custom script to redirect customers to your mobile site.

· Are you using WordPress for your business website? MobilePress allows you to create a mobile theme for your website. You can create your site by installing and activating this plugin.

· Mobify allows you to create a mobile site with a GUI interface. It will take less than a few minutes to create your website. You can choose between the free or paid version of Mobify.

It is important to check your website frequently to avoid any technical issues. Use these tools and you are ready to launch to your site within a few minutes!

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