Marketing Bully Review – Affiliate Bully 144

Does the Marketing Bully Affiliate Bully 144 system really work? This system aims to teach people how to make money on the internet successfully using a popular method called affiliate marketing.

Millions of dollars are being exchanged on the web every day, and the smart affiliate marketers who are controlling and directing this internet traffic can potentially make a lot of money with the right techniques. This is exactly what AB144 aims to teach, to help its users become better middlemen and make more profits out of online internet spending.

1. What is the Affiliate Bully 144 System and Who Created It?

This is a step by step instructional system that I have used to start my own online affiliate marketing business. It is created by the experienced internet marketer Andre Chaperon, the owner of the Marketing Bully website. The entire manual is rather straight to the point, which explains why it is only a 42 page long PDF file.

The entire system consists of an outline of a case study that Andre has used to find a hungry market, create a campaign to target the market and then generate huge affiliate commissions from the subsequent sales. This simple process can be easily duplicated by anyone for any product and market.

2. Basics of Making Money with the Affiliate Bully 144 System

To profit from this system, you will act as the role of a marketer for various products. You have a choice of which products and markets you want to target, and you will preferably want to find markets that are hungry to buy. Andre teaches exactly how to find this market step by step, and how to setup landing pages and campaigns to make money from them.

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