Review of Adeel Chowdhry’s Overnight Affiliate Cash

This week, I have reviewed Overnight Affiliate Cash by Adeel Chowdhry.

Every month, I have the privilege of reviewing new Internet Marketing products before the world sees it, and I enjoy the opportunity to keep up with the latest trend of the industry. Before picking up the copy of Overnight Affiliate Cash, I don’t think I have heard Adeel Chowdhry. Needless to say, I was curious to see what he had to offer in his latest product.

When you arrive inside the members area, it’ll break into three major sections. I first saw 6 videos where Adeel showed behind the scenes of his marketing techniques using “over the shoulder” type video tutorial (good job). Adeel created case studies in these videos, and I personally enjoyed watching Strategy #3 where he introduced “The Sneeky Leech Technique”. Within the Sneeky Leech Technique video, he went inside his own AdWords account and video recorded the actual PPC campaign that he used to promote Product Launch Formula 2 by Jeff Walker. When I watched it, for the first time in my life, I met someone else explaining exactly the same tactic I personally use to profit from Google AdWords every month. What Adeel does is he bids on most overlooked, yet highly converting keywords.

When I was attempting to download the PDF, at first I thought there was an error, and I had to close the browser once to reopen the file. Then the second downloading attempt took just as long. I have downloaded many PDFs from the Internet before, but never took this long to load. After finally it was downloaded to my desktop, I looked up its file’s “Property” to see how large the file size could be. It was almost 8MB. That’s like a size of MP3 file instead of PDF.

I opened inside and immediately knew the reason why. Adeel somehow had video playing within the PDF, and when I clicked, the video began playing within the PDF. I have heard about this technique before but never seen it action. The whole thing is 43 page long with12 inch font. The first chapter goes over the case study surrounding the PLF2 launch. With no list, no JV partners, he only uses PPC and brings home $3054 in two weeks until PLF2 was sold out. What’s REAL helpful though was Adeel completed the case study with how he would do it differently. Among the things he mentions is grouping Ad Group closely together instead of throwing all the keywords in the same Ad Group. This is exactly the same strategy I use for my own PPC campaign.

For the next 30 pages, Adeel goes over more in details and tells what he did to pull over $3000 in two weeks with the recent PLF2 launch. Keep in mind he was a student of Jeff Walker with the first PLF product, and used many techniques he learned through this course such as “scarcity tactics” and “social proof” to promote PLF2. It also goes more than just the PPC campaign, and I could benefit from other two techniques he went over in this ebook. However, if I explained it, you’d figure out how to do these methods yourself so it wouldn’t be fair for me to disclose the details of these techniques.

OK, I must mention something very important. What I am about to tell you may be more important than a chapter you may read in this ebook. I noticed Adeel mentioning about his current project, “The Killer Presell Templates” whenever I looked at the bottom “footer” section of each page in PDF. In the end of the course, he covered detail description of Killer Presell Templates and it was very “smoothly facilitated”.

Let me explain what I saw.

If you closely pay attention to what Adeel does, the whole product (Overnight Affiliate Cash) promotes his ability to deliver. In fact, Adeel uses this product to “warm up” prospects for the real backend that he pre-sells. You guessed it right, It’s for “Killer Presell Templates”. If you came across such service without first reading the Overnight Affiliate Cash, you might have not become easily convinced. However, Adeel intelligently used this product to position him so that he could “properly” introduce “Killer Presell Templates”. These templates run $37 per month and that requires very strategically orchestrated form of selling. In fact, Adeel does a good job doing so through the launch of Overnight Affiliate Cash while building list subscriber even bigger than before (which sets the stage for Killer Presell Templates).

Because I personally review many products every week, and I no longer find new techniques that make me want to “drop everything I am doing now!” and go online to implement, but overall, it was a great piece of information. However, I always look beyond the product itself and look more into the tactics and strategies that every marketer packages to promote a new product. It was more interesting for me to see Adeel implementing good psychological triggers that only skilled internet marketers can manifest. I am open to hear what else Adeel Chowdhry has to say.

I think I’ll stay on his list for a while.

The official launch of Overnight Affiliate Cash is Tuesday July 15th, 2008 12PM EST or 5PM GMT.

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