Why Should You Use WordPress for Marketing?

Why is WordPress an Awesome Choice for Online Marketing?

WordPress is a high performance marketing tool that’s easy to learn and easy to use. WordPress makes it quick & easy to build and maintain your website.

You should be using WordPress for your marketing, especially if you want to get maximum marketing impact without being tied to your computer for hours on end. Who has time for that!

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a complete CMS (Content Management System) that can handle just about every conceivable online marketing need.

WordPress originally started as a personal project years ago, but has since evolved into a huge fan base of users worldwide. WordPress is continualy being updated with new features and functions. There are also updates to the user’s admin interface, making it even easier to operate and maintain your website.

Making changes to your website is easy with WordPress. Let’s say you wanted to post a ‘special sale’ notice at the top of your pages. If you have a regular website that just displays HTML files to web browsers, you’d have to go to each individual page and modify the underlying code to post your notice. That’s not a big problem if you only have a couple of pages. But what if you have hundreds or even thousands of pages? Don’t you think you have better things to do with your time than slaving away at your keyboard!

With WordPress, you enter the notice you want to post and click a button. That’s it – You’re done! All your pages are instantly updated – even if there are thousands of pages!

Quick & Easy to Use

WordPress is designed to make it easy for you to build, publish and maintain your marketing website. The admin user interface is straight forward and intuitive. If you can use a word processor like MS Word, you won’t have any problem building your new marketing website.

Changing the appearance of your website is surprisingly easy. There are over 7,600 website themes you can choose from – for free! Just click a button to install the new theme of your choice and the new theme instantly goes live, throughout your entire website.

Increase Functionality as Your Needs Change

WordPress allows for easy expansion of functions thru the use of plugins. A plugin is a special module that can easily be added to WordPress to provide specific functions you’ll need for your marketing. For example, you might want prospects or customers to fill out a form and have it emailed to you. There’s a plugin for that.

Or maybe you want an auto-responder that will automatically send your message to subscribers. There’s a WordPress plugin for that too.

How about videos? Do you want to show videos on your website? You guessed it – there’s a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to embed videos.

There are WordPress plugins for just about anything you can think of. Galleries, portfolios, slide shows, quizzes & polls, pop-ups, shopping carts, search engine optimization – the list goes on and on, with new plugins being added all the time.

WordPress offers over 57,000 different plugins, and they’re all free. Click a button to install and you’re ready to roll.

WordPress Gets You Free Traffic

WordPress presents your web pages in a very organized way. Your WordPress site is laid out in a logical sequence of categories and each category contains pages pertaining to a specific topic. A built-in navigation menu makes it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for. Here’s something important about the layout of your site – since WordPress organizes your website in such a manner, it’s easy for the search engines to index all of your pages. Remember – search engine traffic is free traffic!

Here’s another benefit you get with WordPress – Every time new content is posted, WordPress will automatically notify search engines to visit. When they visit, they’ll easily be able to see your new pages for indexing in search results.

WordPress is Powerful, but How Much Does It Cost?

WordPress is absolutely free! You can go to ‘wordpress.org’ and download WordPress to install on your server. It’s an easy install, so it shouldn’t take long.

As an alternative, many web hosts have a ‘1 Click’ install feature that will automatically install the latest version of WordPress. One click and you’re done!

Take a look around and discover how you can improve your marketing with WordPress!

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