WordPress – The Go-To Content Mangement System

Whether you are an individual or a company, cost is going to be on your mind when it comes to setting up a new website or redesigning one that already exists. Just like you would for an automobile, you must consider initial setup, customization and maintenance costs when selecting what content management system (CMS) platform you choose. If you are considering a website redesign project, conversion costs must be taken into account as well. With your wallet in mind, WordPress (WP) should suit your needs quite well no matter whether your website project is small, medium or over the top gigantic!

Sticking with the car analogy, are you going to be able to find the parts to fit your new ride that will make it do what you want it to do? In the case of website development, you need to look at what and how many plugins, modules, extensions and themes are available for your chosen CMS software. The term WordPress Plugin has become a household phrase all over the world. There’s a reason for that: WP has more plugins as well as modules, extensions and themes than comparable platforms. That doesn’t mean another system wouldn’t have what you need, but your options multiple when you go with WP. This may be even more important when talking about a website redesign because you already have functionality that you may be interesting in duplicating on your new site.

Just like our parents taught us, you should never do anything just because everyone else is doing it or go anywhere just because everyone else is going there. However, there is something to be learned from the amount of companies and people using WordPress over other CMS choices. If you are in the decision making phase of choosing what platform to go with, there’s something to be said about what the masses have done before you. They faced the same choice you are facing right now, maybe even more than once for the same site if they are going through a website redesign. When it came down to it a lot more of them went with WP.

Last but not least, here are some “easy” questions to answer: How easy is it to install? How easy is it to modify? How easy is it for people to find your site once it’s up and running? Do your own research; check the forums and blogs and FAQs. My bet is that once you are done comparing, you will find that WordPress is the go-to platform for you whether you’re blogging, selling, advertising or a little bit of all three. If you don’t already have one deployed, a content management system is also an excellent idea for the next iteration of your existing site as you embark on a website redesign project.

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